Working with volunteers on wildlife projects

Lionesses with cubs at the Balule Nature Reserve. Image by Quintin Otto.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been working with volunteer groups, spreading my time between the Balule Nature Reserve located within the Kruger National Park and the Dinokeng Game Reserve, just north of the Gauteng province. Two protected areas, each with its own unique ecological dynamic, separated by nearly 500 kilometers, yet both with one major similarity. Both reserves employ the advanced approach to South African conservation of dropping fences between both national and private nature reserves, merging protected areas, thereby greatly increasing the roaming ranges of South African wildlife.

The volunteer conservation model

It’s always fulfilling working on these projects.  The voluntourism model has garnered much criticism in recent years, but when undertaken correctly,  is a great way to generate much-needed funding for conservation.

It also brings people together from all over the world to experience the African environment, learn about South African wildlife, and provide conservation managers with valuable data for decision making and ecological management planning.


What we do

The work involves wildlife monitoring and research. Data is collected from bird point counts, game transects, and predator surveys. The data is used to monitor animal distribution, population growth rates, habitat use, changes in the ecosystem, and overall habitat condition. Other than data collection, we also get our hands dirty with some ad-hoc reserve work. This could be anything from road maintenance or alien plant removal.

The team hard at work
Searching for an escaped cheetah using telemetry tracking.

Working in the African bush is incredibly rewarding. Volunteers learn about nature and the animals we work to protect whilst gaining some valuable bush skills. And while it involves hard work in the hot African sun, we also enjoy incredible views, amazing sunsets, down-time with new friends, and daily encounters of majestic African wildlife, big and small.


African elephant




Elegant grasshopper
Velvet mite
Game viewing
bush -kills
Bush skills
bush camp
Bush Camp
Bush dinners
making friends
Making new Friends
African sunset
Working with volunteers on wildlife projects
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